Leica Rugby 55 Interior Laser Level Package - Alkaline Batteries

Leica Rugby 55 Interior Laser Level Package - Alkaline Batteries

Product Code:Leica Rugby 55 Interior Laser Level Package - Alkaline
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Designed for interior - Built for construction
The Leica Rugby 55 provides the today's contractor with the tools needed for virtually any leveling or alignment job. The Leica Rugby 55 features an easy to use keypad, a watertight seal, variable head speeds, selectable scanning modes, a bright red beam and alkaline battery pack.

- Ceiling grids, Floor layout, Raised access floors, Transferring points
- Setting window supports, cabinets, Interior walls, Tilt ups, Setting benchmarks
- Elevation control, Footings and foundations, Plumb, Manual slopes

2 Years Warranty
Register the Leica Rugby 55 within 8 weeks after purchase to extend the warranty.

With the Leica Rugby 55 the scanning or stationary beam can be quickly positioned in 90° increments... making layout easier by quickly moving the beam to the left of right side of the Leica Rugby 55. 

Beam Down Mode
By selecting zero rps with the head speed button, the rotating head automatically positions itself in a plumb down direction for alignment of the Leica Rugby 55 over a reference point.

Sleep Mode
Pressing the Up and Down buttons together on the remote will put the Leica Rugby into sleep mode for two hours to save battery life without disturbing your setup.

What's in the Box:
1x Leica Rugby 55 Laser Level
2x Alkaline Battery Duracel LR20, 1.5 V
1x Alkaline Battery Holder, Rugby 55
1x Wallmount Bracket
1x Rugby Ceiling Grid Target, Magnetic
1x Carry Case