Topcon CTS-2 Digital Theodolite

Topcon CTS-2 Digital Theodolite

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1 x Topcon CTS-2
1 x Topcon BC-19CR
1 x Topcon hard case

Topcon CTS-2 total station with 10” angle accuracy.


Magnification: 26X
Image: Erect
Minimum focusing distance: 0.9m/3
Angle accuracy:10/1.8mgon
Angle minimum display reading: 1/5
Angle units: Switchable between meter or feet, angle degrees or gon
Distance measurement: 1 Prism: 3,300, 3 Prism: 4,600
Distance measurement precision: ±(3mm+5pmm)
Distance measuring time: 0.3s+every 2.5s tracking mode
Distance measuring time: 0.5s+every 3s coarse mode
Distance measuring time: 2.5s+every 4.5s fine mode
Distance minimum display: 1mm/0.003ft
Display: Single
Data input/output: RS-232C
Compensator: Liquid single axis
Compensating range/Accuracy: ±3/1
Optical plummet: Erect 3X
Weight: 4.8kg, 10.6lbs including tribrach and battery